Saturday, November 24, 2007

I need to cut back on the caffeine.

The market did stuff last week. I did some trading. It was okay. I may trade next week again. I might also start a circus. We'll see which one materializes. Oh yeah. Rock climbing is fun. The black cliffs in Boise are slippery though. That's the most intelligent sentence you will get out of me tonight. Goodnight all.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Consolidation was in fact the key of today. Mixed markets made it a dificult trading day. I attempted to throw a coupld small trades in and got stopped out on the volatility in all of them, but luckily they were all small. The price went straight down the funnel and broke out lower. We It then hit a support level around 99.60 and is currently testing this level. I would not be suprised to see this level fall as Asian markets open. After this the next support is around 98.000 as shown below.
My game plan is to watch to see what happens with this support and in Asia. S&P futures are up from the market close right now which is favorable for tomorrow. Im hoping for the pullback tonight to the 98.000 range and that S&P futures continue to trend up. If this is the case Ill go in pretty heavy and set a stop around the 95.500 level. I suspect the bull run should continue for the rest of the month once it gets going and I want on! Watch the spiders close! There is an upward sloping support trend forming. It was penetrated a bit in August but that was when there was the problem with computer routing on the orders that caused the dagger of a candle. There also could be a morphed head and shoulders forming as well. The highlighted area is of particular concern. If we are going to make another run at the market it better cross that resistance level of 156.00. Upon breaking that we should break 157.50 and have another good leg up into January. Failure to break 156.00 (perhaps a retracement upon reching 152.50) will definately push this into a bear market at the turn of the year.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


AUD/JPY Long is kicking ass today...which is great after the frustrations of yesterday. Yesterday was in fact the bottom of the market but the volatility knocked me out and cost me about 100 pips of profit. Last night around 10:00pm PST I jumped back in on my 50:1 account and then followed about 15 minutes later with my 30:1 account. The 50:1 account is up 120% in under 24 hours and the 30:1 is up over 70%. I have doubled down on the positions upon confirmation of a strong Asian Market opening up tonight.

Tonight's chart shows the clear uptrend developing. The bottom was around 2pm yesterday and the trend took off. I have drawn in what I would consider the uptrend support line. There was a test of this line from 8am until 12pm today during the US market open. I consider this test to be nominal due to the increased volatility often observable during US market hours. A small support developed at 99.850 tonight around 5:30. That is the horizontal yellow line on the chart. I have my stops set at the vertical line with my small double position is taken out where this vertical line crosses the uptrend and my main position is set to be stopped out a bit lower than that to allow for a bit more volatility. Im trading the 50:1 and 30:1 similarily with a bit tighter stops on the 50:1 (this chart is the 30:1).

Several key economic numbers come out tomorrow which have me a bit concerned. S&P futures are currently trading flat after being a few points down earlier in the evening. I plan on setting tight stops tonight and securing today's profit. Im expecting a fair amount of consolidation in the next few days with 100 pip swings up and down throughout the day. Ill probably sit these out and hope the bull trend continues next week and try to double my money again.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Carry Trade Unwinding

The AUD/JPY carry trade has unwound heavily this week. We are currently trading at about 97.045 Yen per Austrailian Dollar. We touched off of a low of just above 96.000 around the US stock market open at 6:30am. This is due to a strong positive correlation of the Yen strength relative to the US dollar's strength since the Japanesse economy is heavily based upon exports to the US. The US stock market has been trading positive the last few hours and I have re-entered the carry trade. I placed my first postion at 8:00am at 96.257 with a S/L of 95.900. There appears to be a fair amount of resistance around the 96.000 level on the daily chart and I am allowing myself 10 pips of volatility around this resistance level. An initial attempt to average in another 350 units in had my stop hit as the stock market pulled back around 10:40am.
The below chart shows the relative correlation of SPY to the AUD/JPY pair. The USD/JPY shows this same correlation. 109.000 represents a solid support level of the Yen and fundamnetally it should hold at the level and begin to weaken again.
I am currently waiting for SPY to hit 146.00 to leg in another 350 units. I suspect that if the US markets close on positive gains then the Nikkei should have a solid day tonight and the Carry trade should hopefully get some upward momentum. Tight stops are the key right now.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Fixed Gear Crit

Well I do believe UI has accomplished a first...Perhaps we can hold the record as hosting the first collegiate fixed gear criterium ever...or at least one with a decent downhill into a hard right.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

3 weeks!

3 weeks until the semester is over!

And here is what I have to do....

Presentation on population forecasting.
14-30 page paper on population forecasting.
6 tests
2 major assignments

Promoting a bicycle race this weekend

ummmm thats it I think.

I went mountain biking yesterday with Chris. It was great to get up on the mountain considering I havent been in like 9 months. It makes me want to start training for cross racing though. Cyclocross is the most addicting sport ever. It makes me almost want to sell my road bike to free up some cash for cross racing. Maybe I will train my ass off this summer so I can be really good at cross in the fall....its a thought.

Goodnight and maybe Ill post again in 6 weeks :D

Monday, April 2, 2007


Yet another great cartoon about caffeine (yes im typing this with a coke in hand)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Where's Jeff?

Ok incase you are trying to figure out where the hell I am:

Monday: Class 8:30am-11:20 then work from 1pm-9pm
Tuesday: Class 8:30am-10:40am, Class 12:30pm-3:20pm, Work 5pm-9
Wednesday: Class 8:30am-11:20am
Thursday: Class 8:30am-10:40am, Class 12:30pm-3:20pm, Capital Management meeting 5-6:30pm
Friday: Class 8:30am-11:20am
Saturday: Work 10am-7pm
Sunday: Work 9am-6pm

Yup Im busy.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Wanna See My Monkey?

Here it is.
And I own 3 of them. At 1.99 each with a max purchase of 3 who wouldnt buy 3? It screams too. Why - o -why. I need a life.


Well there is currently a woot-off running. I purchased my first woot item tonight as well (its about time too...Ive only been looking at this site every day for 6 months). I picked up a cheap MP3 player for Manda. Still no Bags of Crap yet. Im debating whether or not I should go to sleep or not. Apparently there are people who dont sleep for 3 days while this thing is going on...Im not that bad....
On that note go buy some gold futures and raise the price up of the April contracts to help me become a rich man...cuz I dont think the economy is going to help me much...common 700 dollars.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

No Races

So you can totally ignore the list of races below...Im not doing any of them. As you all know Im now working 30 hours a week and taking 19 credit hours, thus I have no time to ride. I did ride to school yesterday, but that is about it.

Joey is getting big though. Here is in the back of my parent's truck while we were out geocaching. He is over 60 pounds now. 3 months ago when I got him he was only about 20 so he has grown a lot.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Racing time

So racing starts up is my list of upcoming races:

Cherry Pie Road Race: Sunday Feb 18th
-52.2 Miles of fun in Albany, OR

March 4th: Devils Slide Mtn Bike Race

-16 miles in the dirt in Lewiston, ID

March 11th: Banana Belt

-44 miles out of Portland, OR

Ive decided to take the weekend of the 18th off from racing and use it as some recovery time and then the collegiate season starts up!

March 24th-25th is Oregon State U

March 31st-April 1st is Western Washington U

April 14th-15th is Walla Walla

April 21st-22nd is Montana State U

April 28th-29th is University of Idaho (which I am race director for again...)

Never Give Up

Friday, January 19, 2007

Im back

I took off for a while but im back...and for some reason the old URL isnt working anymore so now I have this new lame one....