Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

So how does one turn an awesome planned out weekend...where all the plans fall through...into a great weekend with all new plans? Simple: Go outside and play! I thought Id start off by taking the dogs for a little exploring Friday. I decided to get off the beaten path on Moscow Mountain and scout out some boulders I have seen in the distance....and man was I glad I did that. They were awesome! Beautiful, moss and snow covered, with fresh snow melt running under them.

...later that night went down to Granite Point for some rock climbing...did 1 route and decided it was too damn cold so came back home, and along the way decided to stop by the bears at Wazzu. I havent stopped and seen these Griz since they were quite a bit smaller.
And Saturday...decided to finally hike up Kamiak Butte...something Ive been thinking of doing ever since I lived in the area. I was expecting the weather to be really bad today, but it turned out great. The dogs and I hit two geocaches out in this neck of the woods as well, saw some great scenery, and overall it was a fun relaxing day.

So its now Sunday...Im about to go to bed...thinking tomorrow is going to be filled with homework. Id like to hit Moscow mountain tomorrow morning bright and early. Its freezing up tonight and I wouldnt mind getting a little bit of a workout with my crampons and axe in some of the gulleys if the remaining snow firms up a bit....that is if my feet can handle it. Fridays hike I didnt wear my boot liners with my heavy boots...and my feet paid for it. Dumb idea. Oh well...thats why I keep moleskin around.

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